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Community Transport

Harwich Connexions operates community transport services for residents of Harwich, Dovercourt, Parkeston and the surrounding villages. We provide public transport to help individual passengers including those experiencing disability, ill health, or geographic isolation. Our buses are suitable for people with mobility issues.  


Groups are also welcome to use our services, as long as they are a recognised community group or bona fide not for profit organisation, including schools and youth groups.

We accept Bus Passes on our routes. Your carer can travel for free if your bus pass allows this. Contact Essex County Council to apply for a bus pass via this LINK.

Our Routes

We offer a range of routes and services which can be viewed below

03.02.23 friday_012  steve brading.jpg
31.01.23 tuesday connex_097  steve brading.jpg
31.01.23 tuesday connex_108  steve brading.jpg

Click below to view information about our wheelchair loan service:

Wheelchair Loans

Harwich Connexions provides a much needed and very reliable service to local residents, I am acutely aware as the County Councillor for the Harwich Division how valuable this daily service is to all who use it Ivan Henderson

"I would be lost without this service"

''Keeps me independent"

"Without it, I would be housebound"

"Wonderful service"

"Enables me to get out and socialise"

Passenger survey comments

Thank you to the wonderful Harwich Connexions team, especially for their efforts to help our communities to be more mobile.

Ramsey and Dovercourt Crusaders

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