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Community Trust

Harwich Connexions Community Trust was established in 2006 as a charity, registered number 6030659, to provide buildings, open space and facilities in the Harwich area to benefit the community.

Since its formation the Trust has worked with funding partners and end user organisations to rescue assets in the town that continue to provide accommodation for small business users, children and community organisations.

Working in partnership with EEDA and local authorities Harwich Connexions implemented an improvement programme to benefit the town, including benches, playground equipment, a new seafront shelter, and repairs to the Cliff Park band stand.


Harwich Connexions is active in town tourism and was instrumental in bringing the annual charitable Motor Cycle Run to Harwich, which has become a major fund raiser for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance and a significant tourism event for the town.

We were active throughout the Covid years in the local initiatives to support vulnerable people.


Today the Trust continues to work in partnership to enhance town services. We raise funds for the Harwich community bus service, as well as supporting the work of other local community organisations in the Harwich area, especially those providing services benefiting children and young people.  During 2022 we were a sponsor for the Harwich Tall Ships Youth Voyage.



The Trust deploys income to support others. We offer charitable support for community initiatives, especially those relating to children and young people. We offer a small grants scheme to help the local voluntary sector access our services and undertake their own initiatives.

Contact us for more information or to apply for a small grant.

Harwich Connexions Office, Park Pavilion, Barrack Lane, Harwich, Essex CO12 3NS
Telephone: 01255 552010                                   Email:

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